On The Square in Coudersport

Our Labor Day KCBS state championship Cookoff will start August 31 on the square in Coudersport. There will be tons more information to come, like, what bands will be playing, When we can start parking, and all that good stuff. keep an eye on this space! If you want to be a sponsor, a volunteer, or find out anything about our contest, hit the contact us button and let us know

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Music Sponsored By TriCo Connections

Chris Rattie and the New Rebels will be playing on the square Saturday afternoon courtesy of Trico Connections.

Great News!

We received our Governors Proclamation in the mail last week, So we are now an official Pennsylvania KCBS State Championship.

KCBS Registrations

In order of registration

  1. Behind BBQ
  2. Neanderthal Q
  3. Susquehanna Smokers
  4. Snortin' Boar
  5. Fred Vegas Smokers
  6. Morts Meat Mafia
  7. Pennswood Smoke Chasers
  8. Bones n' Banter
  9. Beer n' Bones BBQ
  10. The Good Cue Crew
  11. Chunky BBQ
  12. Smoked Mobile BBQ
  13. Brothers Of the Smoke
  14. Nice to Meat you BBQ
  15. Red Valley BBQ
  16. Uncle Pig's BBQ pit

SCA Registrations


  1. Dan Rumans - The Good Cue Crew
  2. Jeffrey Heasely
  3. Kim Perry - Behind BBQ
  4. Bill Atkins - Three Dogs BBQ
  5. Hope Brown - Three Dogs BBQ
  6. Dennis Lucckino - Lucky D's BBQ
  7. Christopher Combs - Pennswood Smoke Chasers
  8. Thomas Kuntz - Susquehanna Smokers
  9. Mort Weakland - Mort's Meat Mafia
  10. John Ardeno
  11. David Hunnam
  12. Kevin Salsbury - Salsbury Steaks
  13. Tim Newell
  14. Kaleigh Harris - The Snortin' Boar
  15. Bill Corcimiglia - Sweet Heat Bbq

Results are in!

The Results from the KCBS are in! Congrats to Grand Champion Fred Vegas Smokers and Reserve Grand Champion Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit!



Contest rules and Schedule

The SCA rules can be found here, and the KCBS rules can be found here.

1 E. 2 nd Street Coudersport, PA 16915

August 30-Sept 1

Schedule of Events

Friday Aug 30,

8 PM - 11PM - Competitor Load in

11PM - 7AM - Quiet Time on the square

Saturday Aug 31, 2019

6:00 AM – 10 AM load in and set up

10 AM - SCA Cooks meeting and Steak Selection

10:30 AM - noon - Judging Class

12 Noon – 5:00 PM - KCBS Meat Inspection

1-1:15 PM - SCA Burger Turn in

2:00-2:30pm SCA Steak turn in

3:30 - SCA Award Ceremony

4:00 pm - Live music at the gazebo

6:00 PM - BBQ Cooks Meeting

11:00 PM – 7:00 AM – Quiet Hours on the Courthouse Square

Sunday, Sept 1, 2019

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM – Judges Check-In (Judges Tent)

11:00 AM - BBQ Judges Meeting (Judges Tent)

11:40 AM – BBQ Judges in Place (Judges Tent)

12:00 PM – Chicken Category is turned in and judging begins 12:30 PM – Pork Rib Category is turned in and judging begins

1:00 PM – Pork Category is turned in and judging begins

1:30 PM – Brisket Category is turned in and judging begins

4:00 PM – Route 6 Ribfest Barbeque Award Ceremony (Gazebo)

6:00 PM – BBQ Party! - Live Music (Hotel Crittenden)

Emergency Contacts: - Medical/Fire

Emergency call 9-1-1

Route 6 Ribfest: Hans Nielsen – 814-558-4451 (cell)

KCBS Reps: Don and Nancy Muller

Chris Rattie and the New Rebels